Cannot join any Ark Server at all

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  • So I use both my PC and Xbox Series X for gaming with the M6Pro MR6500 Hotspot/router as I don't live near a city. Signal and speed is just fine, but what is weird, is that only 1 particular game is entirely unplayable: Ark Survival Evolved.

    Not lag, or anything, but I cannot join a single server. Whether Official or Unofficial PC servers, on my PC or my xbox. The day before I used the hotspot, I was using a land based connection at another location and was playing just fine and had been for years. As soon as I use the HotSpot now that it is my only source of connection, my NAT Type constantly is strict. I've tried port forwarding, disabling/enabling UPnP, power cycles, DMZ, nothing works. Even if the NAT type becomes OPEN, it still does not allow me to connect to any of the game servers.

    No other game does this.

    Yesterday, I was able to connect to a server twice. However, it constantly tells me "Address could not be found", despite having connected to it. This is a stable, trusted, and known Nitrado server.