ARK: War RP (WaRP)

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  • War RP (WaRP) is an 18+ (not ERP) ARK Roleplay Server, using the Fjordur Map. Overworld and Asgard (Autumn-Yellow) Realm are PVE - Vanaheim (Tropical-Green) & Jotunheim (Frozen-Blue) Realms are PVP! Weekly War Events in Asgard, with mid-week non-combat events (Races, Parkour, Art, etc.).

    No Class System, if you can tame/craft it, you can use it! Everything, including Tek, is enabled.
    2X EXP, 4X Taming, Breeding, Harvesting, etc., with tweaked settings to get you into the fun with less grinding.
    Max Wild Level: 150 (Tek Dino's may be higher as usual)
    Titanosaur & Leedsichthys Disabled.

    Looking for a rules-light server that has no-holds-barred PVP, or interested in Red-VS-Blue style War Events each week? Check out our discord, and see if this is the place for you!


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