Upload Survivor, play new map with NEW survivor, then download original from Obelisk?

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  • Playing with Wife on an PC Game pass(xbox) server. We are on the Island, and about to beat it. I want to upload our survivors and then switch to SE, but then make a NEW survivor to experience it from the beginning. Then when I reach lvl 100 with the NEW guy, download my original one and beat the bosses with him and ascend him to the next map, and so on and so forth ending with a 190 Max character, but also having played each map from the beginning. Is this possible?

  • Nitrado recommends to have 2 servers when playing more than a single map. It makes life way easier. Also note when uploading the character, it is not a forever thing. Eventually it will time out and expire. ARK the game itself I think has 30 days. You probably should visit the Official ARK Forums/Wiki that will have more detail. On PC, having 2 steam accounts will also accomplish this. Not sure if XBox you could do the same.

  • We don't want to play on more than one map at a time, just move to new maps and complete them. So nitrado says its best to rent another server to play a new character and ensure the old one stays alive? I don't want to spend another 13 bucks just to "save" my character.

    I read on official forums that character stays uploaded forever, and items delete after 24 hours on official servers. IDK if thats the same for a nitrado server.

  • It is not forever.

    You can set the timer in your server settings, but the game still over a period of time will delete it. I have players on my servers that uploaded characters and I have 72hrs set. It will delete. I have set it to 60 days, it deleted them in 30 so I am assuming WC controls that. Maybe the official forums has some more info.

  • So maybe it would be like; upload character, shut down server, change map, start server/new map, create new survivor and fight our way to an obelisk. If we get there in time we win our old characters, if we don't well we dont LOL.


    Closed the thread.