Non-Dedicated to Nitrado Transfer

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  • Hello there lads.

    Me and my friends have bought a Nitrado server to transfer our non-dedicated save onto a hosted server.

    From a thread on reddit, I have heard it is possible and I have followed the instruction, even though written very vaguely.

    -Is there anybody around that has done it? Is there any more specific instruction on how to port the structures, dinos, configs and player characters onto a dedicated nitrado server from a non-dedic.?

    We did have mods which are also mounted onto the server already. Server is set to Steam only.

  • Honestly I recommend doing some searches here in the forums. Others have asked your exact question, and even one of recent.

    Also the Wiki gives some additional information. It explains what each file does. The one thing you do NOT want to do is simply uploading your ini files to the new server. Use the WebUI to build that part.

  • Noted. A bit too late for that one tho! :D

    We'll see where that leads, I've searched the forum before but the search option is not exactly helping with any tags like non dedicated, transfer etc.
    Time to dig!