Stacking Help/ Xbox server: Code I have used for years not working and the server itself if screwed up from day one.

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  • Currently working with an xbox server. Same code I have used for a playstation server is not working for stacking anything. Now it was also confusing because we had to rewrite some of the base coding in the first place to even get the server to work. (It didn't even have server name, welcome message and much more in it even after starting it up in the first place.)

    After getting server name and everything written up into it and able to find on ark, we cant get the stacking to work now.





    I have done an xbox server before and have used the same exact code. Have been for years across all platforms. Is there underlying code I could be missing that is also missing since most of the code of the server in the first place was missing? No spaces in the code nothing and it works on the playstation and another xbox server I am currently running. So why won't it work for this one?