unable to connect to game because it errors and gives a crash log

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  • Game crashes on entry or shortly after entering. I get a crash log. I don't know how to fix it. I've started using a backed up and it doesn't seem to help. I'll appreciate any help you can give. I currently have Structures + Mod. I've used it building for a month with no issues.

    Fatal error!


  • Unfortunately using mods will always be a risk.

    If you are getting a crashstack error, the only way to 'fix' it is to rollback the server, and keep rolling back until it restores. BUT in this case that may not be the answer.

    Several folks have been reporting an issue while using S+. Some folks have moved to SS (Super Structures). If you visit the workshop, a migration path may still exist. I migrate long time ago.

    You can also do a manual backup of the entire game directory to your PC just so you have a backup. Then try removing the MOD, they see if the server comes up. If it does, then the issue is S+ for sure.

    Feel free to contact nitrado support if you wish. More than likely they will suggest the same thing and add more info.

    Until the DevKit is released, several modders are unable to update their mods, and currently using mods is a huge risk for many. They are considered 'best effort'.