CrossARK Transfer Xbox/PC

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  • Simply put, I have players on my server that want to move their gear/tames to another server and we are trying to get these servers connected via CrossARK cluster ID.

    Is it correct that the servers have to be in the same region, say Los Angeles for this to work even though our cluster IDs are identical? If so, how can you tell where your server is? We both have Crossplay and CrossARK enabled. I can't think of any reason this would not work well. Anyone with any experience in this situation?

  • Servers have to be connected via CrossARK in order for plaers, items and dinos to be transfer, have to be Nitrado server, and no does not have to be in the same area. I have servers CA between LA, NY and GER with no issues.

    As to see where yours server is, you had to select them during purchase. You can click on change slots/location and the location will show up that way.