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    !!!FRESHLY WIPED TODAY!!! 31/07/2022

    Welcome to #MentalPvP

    We Host Xbox/Win10 Ark Unofficial Servers on Nitrado:

    Ours Servers/Slots

    #MentalPvP/25x/FastBreed/MegaCheapCraft/8Man/Rag - Ragnarok 20 Slots

    #MentalPvP/25x/FastBreed/MegaCheapCraft/8Man/Gen2 - Genesis 2 20 Slots

    #MentalPvP/25x/FastBreed/MegaCheapCraft/8Man/Fjordur- Fjordur 20 Slots

    More Maps & Slots TBA

    #MentalPvP Server Settings

    8 Man Tribe limit / No Allies

    Harvesting-25x Boost

    Fast Flyers

    Fast Breeding (Eggs Pop instantly)

    Taming Instant

    Most AutoEngrams

    Cheap Craft

    Custom Dinos Spawns (For People with not all DLCs)

    Boosted Drops

    Max Character Level 105 (This is Without Ascensions)

    Max Dino Level 150

    (Max Tek Dinos 180)


    Donation Packs


    BB Shop

    Poly = Element

    Tek Costs BB Seeds

    Full wipe monthly