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  • If they are trying to get servers up then why does the count of servers go down every time i refresh. It went from 784 to 788 to 792 then to 784 782 now back to 785 doesnt look like they are going to get everyones preorders done shouldnt this have been done ages ago. Does Nitrado know how to run a server network? Have they been doing it a while? This is my first time purchasing a server is this a bad company to buy a server from for a first time user im highly dissapointed that something we preordered is not available when it was made available by the actual game.

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    I'm sorry you're feeling this way it's a lot of power to get everyone online at once with all the new servers. It will stabilize and get smother as they start rolling out and staying online. Dont hesitate to make a ticket and or call the hotline. I know the hotline is most likely super busy at the moment. Just please hang in there and be patient.

  • At this time, all forum threads related to the release of DayZ for consoles will be closed and referred to a thread that has been ongoing most of the day.

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    How long to get my PS4,Xbox DAYZ Server ? Main thread

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