Anyone else keep getting disconnected from server?

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  • So far today i have lost connection to the server 5 times within a half hr.

    yes. my friend on PS5 keeps getting lost connection and game crash anywhere from 15 to 2 hours in between. us on PC never loose connection. this has been an issue on our server only lately. we have about 100 hours on the server before these issues.

    We have a crossplay server with PC and PS5 players on it. lately after about 100 hours playtime, the PS5 player keeps getting lost connection and gamecrash with codesX(. it can happen anywhere from 15 minutes apart to 2 hours. but when it starts, it keeps happenin often.

    PC players never have any issues. Anyone have similar issues and found a fix?

    We are playing on nomansland and we have quitea few mods installed.