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  • The short of it is this is another post about not being able to find a server. I previously used gportal and it was a breeze but moved to this because everyone recommended it. Everything is running and wholly functional but it cannot be located. I'm searching unofficial pc, I've looked through all of them individually and by searching and this thing is straight up gone.

    This seems to be a common nitrado issue that doesn't look good for the service, has anyone figured out a solution?

  • hi.

    We played on our server and something glitched so we died and lost all our stuff . When we respawn the whole game was bugging. We only can move the cameraangle and get inte our own inventory..

    So we back the server 30 min .

    And then the server is gone from the serverlist.

    This was two days ago.

    But in the applikation in my Phone the server is running but under a different name and a different map. What should i do. Its impossible to get in touch with Nitradosupport.


    If you are still having issues, some basic things to do:

    (1) Restart the server. If is hangs, about 5-10m a button appears to forcestop, then restart.

    (2) Check out the server logs. If you see crashstack, that more likely is a corrupted gamefile. It happens with ARK. Sadly the resolution is to rollback to the last known saved file. And no way knowing which one is bad. Some folks that do not feel comfortable trying this- you can contact Support.

    (3) If this is a new server, try a reinstall. *note: sometimes this happens after a game update. Wildcard suggests to do a recovery backup.

    (4) If all the above fails, please contact Nitrado Support to further investigate. If you already have please continue to be patient. We are unable to assist you here in the forums.

    Moderators have no access to servers or accounts. We are volunteers and able to share experiences just like the rest as this is a Community Support Forum for Gamers and Admins just like you and I.

    Link: NITRADO