Server Stuck on restart, since it wants to install not existing mod

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  • Hey, i tryed to install mods on my server, but once i was on the page i missclicked on the vulcan mod, but instead it added me a random mod named 13, which doesn't exist so it also doesn't download it and seems to be stuck there. when i had other mods on it before it all worked fine. any way to remove the mod that should be installed?

  • Hey, when trying to install another mod to my already 12 i have the problem of the server taking forever to install it or at least it always says +0200Mod 924933745 installation incomplete (.mod file or mod folder missing) - game start aborted

    edit: now i got the error already 4 times

  • Check the mod and see if it is supported anymore. Several mods are listed in the workshop and will not work.

    You can also click on force update and see if that works.

    Another note: Cant run yellow mods together, only green mods are stackable. The workshop creators for the most part indicate if it is a stacking or non stacking mod. Typically you can not stack dino mods, or total game conversion mods.

  • So I also have the random "Mod 13" which I just learned from here is the new map. I am trying to set up a cluster server and can't get the main server(fjordur)to locate the second one(The Island). They are both online and appear in the server listings. A lot of things i've seen about clusters not working are different mods, so trying to determine if thats the problem or not.

  • X_Irongaming - experienced the same with MOD 13 but no mods were loading on the ARK Server new map.

    When I looked at the Allowed platforms setting It showed "Allow players from Epic Games Launcher and Steam" I changed this to "Allow only Steam players"

    Two things happened: MOD 13 vanished and the mods that I had listed loaded and functioned on the next server restart. This was not in expert mode.

    I hope this helps.




    Closed the thread.