Server crashing due to installing any mods

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  • Hello,

    A friend and I wanted to play Satisfactory on a dedicated server from Nitrado and play it with mods.

    I noticed the web interface feature is still in development, so I cannot use this way to get mods to work.

    I did find via google that there is a whole Nitrado page on most popular mods in Satisfactory (Most Popular Satisfactory Mods | and how to install the mods via the FTP.

    I installed the mods per the web page, but whenever I try to start the server, it shows it is Offline/NotAuthorized/etc. I notice on the web interface page that is shows "Server is online" but will randomly show the animation for "Server is shutting down" but stops after a few seconds. I then deduced that the server is crashing, as when I remove the mods and restart the server it works just fine.

    I did install the "normal" version of Satisfactory , not the "-Experimental" one underneath it. I assume the normal one is Update 5 right? The Experimental is currently Update 6, which will cause issues with mods and why I did not choose that one.

    I did try removing all mods and just installing the SML (Satisfactory Mod Loader) that I copied from my local directory and pasted into the Mods folder, as directed in the website I pasted above on Nitrado's official website. The server still just crashed.

    Has anyone had any success running a modded server via Nitrado? We'll play the vanilla game as it is great on its own, but mods like Smart, MK++ are just great additions and we would love to enjoy them with our long game play through.

    For reference, the only mods I wanted to use were: Smart, MK++ , Advanced Logistics, Underground Belts.

    Thank you for any support and guidance folks have.

  • Having the same issue... the only reason I even bought a Satisfactory server was that guide on how to install the mods and now I am unable to do so.

    Support directed me to the forum saying they don't deal with these issues which seems odd seeing as it is the same company as the one posting the guide on their site...

    If anyone knows anything it would be greatly appreciated, thanks!