Game not working properly

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  • I would like to ask your help with my AVORION server/game

    Here is my issue with server or game

    Vanilla server is broken --- ingame there is an issue :

    1. NO crew member are available on any stations (collecting material works-can build ship)

    2. Every sector other from starter one is empty (no asteroid fields,no stations, no enemy etc...)

    3. The tutorial or story NPC does not shows up and give the initial quest

    **. I would like to ask you to help with MOD setup too - after the base game stat working correctly

    I already tried reinstall game + reset server, reinstall server, tried several galaxies to generate (random seeds, seeds from internet)--> the same result always

    * The game in single player is working fine

    *The game if start dedicated server on my computer works fine

    *The game if i join to random online server - even other nitrado servers are vorking fine

    Where is the issue ?

    Please help me find what i'm doing wrong