Unable to find server

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  • I have been having the same issue as are most players today. I have however noticed that when I have my server list filtered to fjordur, all modes, show password protected and set on unofficial pc sessions the highest amount of servers it goes to is 7800, at least on the xbox. i have done every form of attempting to communicate by using the hotline, filling a ticket and communicating on the discord, but I can't seem to be able to get any answers or fixes for the most part and the hotline didnt even have their phones available. I assume since I've been at this since 8am est. and watching the amount of online servers go up that these would be fairly close to the normal amount of servers that account for my filters. Am i doing something wrong that is preventing this? Any response that is not rude or just a repeat of the 0 information we have would be incredibly appreciated.

  • Hello i just updated ark today and after the update i can no longer see any servers that are not official... What should i do? I restarted the server several times, restarted my console, deleted ark and reinstalled on to console and still nothing... Server says its up and running albeit with very high ram usage.

  • Same here but im on Xbox.

    Heres what happened:

    Mom and inhave the exact same xbox, attachments, peripherals, etc. Same dlc for ark. Hers loaded fine, mine had a "joining server, waiting to join". Easy fix usually just restart Ark. Nope. Same. Checked all Nat, connection, etc. Good to go. Ark "network server stayus" in game (to left when looking for serversl read "delayed" on BOTH our xbox and SAME version #. Restarted Nitrado server. Same issue still. Restarted my xbox. HERES WHERE IT DIFFERS: when I restarted my xbox, ark suddenly found an update. Mom closed out of her ark and went back in. Both status now read "active", same version #. Now on mine, unofficials wont load at all (same as yours), but officials will load. I tried restarting my router just in case. I even left my xbox off and unplugged for 30 mins and restarted. Same issue.

    She can join perfectly fine, and I cant load any.

    My last resort is reinstalling ark, but that takes FOREVER. I have not tried win10 pc version via crossplay though, as Nitrado had some alert about crossplay crashing servers lately, so iirc i disabled crossplay.

  • I dont understand what your actual question is, but if its that you cant find your server, try searching part of the title. Like a server name "trulytrikesonly" try searching "trike". If your server absolutely wont show for anyone, try stopping the server, and totally change its name like "runningraptors". Back when i first got a Nitrado, I had to update some settings and it wouldnt show up after. I think i forgot to.stop the server before saving. Changing the name helped. It was a pain to get back up tho.

  • I'm apparently in the same boat here. Neither my son on Xbox or I on PC Windows 10 can bring up our server on the unofficial pc list or favorites list. Matter of fact, it brings up a big fat O for servers found after the update. On top of this there seems to be no one attending the phone lines either.

    Is there any work being done to fix this?

  • Jeez i guess were sol on this one for now until wildcard fixes it or if its a nitrado problem then until they fix it.


    Im guessing its a version mismatch as the official is 705.4 and well nitrado is

    • Servername

      Alpha Elite RP PvP Solo Tribes ..Chill..
    • IP Address


    • Players

      No players online

    • Current map


    • Version

    • 704.33
    • Last game update

      Jun 28, 2022, 1:13:24 AM

    As you can see nitrado says they often do not upade there servers unless its a significant update. I bet we need an update to fix this.

  • Just bought my server few minutes ago and I cant find my server. I did everything. still couldnt find it and when I try to open a single player game and open my server through the command center the game closes itself. after I was searching for a bit I saw that my ark version is 949.4 and the nitrado server version is 948.33. Is the problem coming from the version diffrence? if it is how can i update my server

  • This is a version issue with the updated game and the version Nitrado has on atm.

    Nitrado servers are on version 346.30.

    the latest update brought the players version to 347.1.

    Because of this mismatch, the server is not visible untill nitrado rolls out the game update to the servers. (In the interface they put out a message that they are working on it)

    "We are aware of a missing update on your ARK server. We are already in the process of deploying it and should arrive to your server soon."

    *Edit, the mismatch only happenes when a version changes (example, 346 to 347 in this case). if its minor, the number behind the decimal changes and there is no issue

  • So its been an issue on nitrado where they seem to pick and choose what ark updates get rolled out and which ones do not. well they all matter and i think we deserve a fully updated server as they all do something to fix bugs or server issues. we have run into issues where we need updated servers but have to wait far too long just so nitrado can see all the feedback then say oh hey i guess we will update the game... come on dont do that i mean another host was great with updates but every since i moved over here updates are apparently subjective.

    Please update ark servers whenever there is an update nomatter how small.

  • Yeah, I cant find my server since the update and I'm assuming its because the versions don't match. Sucks to pay for something you can't even play. I can't find any info about them doing an update to the current version either.

  • It is unfortunate that they seem to lag behind other providers in regards to getting updates to their customers timely. Certainly not fun sitting for hours and watching thousands of other Ark servers start showing and nothing from Nitrado 24/7 support team aside from a couple twitter replies saying "we're pushing updates out now, create a ticket if it doesn't resolve in the next few hours". Not even a notice on the Web Interface stating that updates are being rolled out.

  • /Closing thread since updates have been rolled out and complete.

    Thank you for your patience. If you are still having issues, please try the standard things: ie: rebooting server, check your mods (if applicable) are up to date, and the error log.

    If you still continue to have an issue, please contact Nitrado Support.

    Thank you

  • Okay so I know you've getting this question asked pretty frequently here but I did everything I was able to find online but still can't find my Server in-game or join it via the ''connect with server'' button on the web interface. Any idea what I could have done wrong?