[How] - How do I increase the max level cap on my fjordur server

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  • I want to increase the max level cap to 190 without the need to kill any bosses because we only have a few ones in fjordur that doesn't give extra levels. Anyway I do not want to use the expert mode, as it seems risky for the settings I already have applied. The only thing I've tried is the "Custom Game.ini Settings". I stopped the server for 5-10 minutes, while applying the code and I am also pretty sure it's correct as I've copied someone else's settings for this.
    The ending of the code I put there ends like this


    I do not know why it stops for 183, but anyway I still can't level past level 110 with maxed chibi

  • someone please help, I tried to put it on expert mode and it reset the whole thing. after that I put the server on the last backup I made before that, but the server is still wiped/resetted