Downloading Survivor not showing up

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  • Me and my friends play on a dedicated server on a spare ps4 I own, we decided to transfer to Fjordur, but unfortunately, you cannot run a dedicated Fjordur server on a PS4 (map is too large etc) so we decided to rent a nitrado server. We have all uploaded our items, and dinos, we also uploaded our characters using the “cheat playercommand Ascend1” because you can no longer simply upload your survivor at an obelisk on ps4. However, when I join the nitrado server, my character does not appear when I select download survivor. No, my character is not deleted, when I go back on my old server (or any other dedicated server I make) and select download survivor, he shows up and I can download with no issues. Is there a way for me to fix this?

    P.S. I do have download enabled on my nitrado server, and I have upload enabled on my original ps4 server


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  • /closing Necro thread as per the rules.

    Also note some info given that has been removed for the moment it also allow anyone, full access to bring things in from any server. This is a Community Support Forum for Nitrado Customers and their servers.