A ThreeStripesInternational Hard Survival Trip [NoRules] Discord.gg/ZR4gGg4W

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  • Dear Survivors,

    we finally finished the server settings!

    The official server start is on Friday, July 1st, 2022! 18:00GMT+2

    From this point on, it's eat or die!

    -15% loot, interesting points on the map are overrun with zombies, helicopters attract more zombies, the trucks that got stuck at the beginning of the apocalypse contain interesting things, all this awaits you on your hard survival trip!

    There are no rules, no advantages for individual players and above all no corruption of the admins!

    We wish you all good luck and strength for this trip through Cheranus!

    you will need it!

    your ThreeStripesInt team🤘

    server information:

    Server name:

    A ThreeStripes International Hard Suvival trip [NoRules] discord.gg/ZR4gGg4W



    Slots: 42 players



    -15% loot

    night time 30 minutes

    restart every 3 hours






    No chat

  • Black.Emp

    Changed the title of the thread from “A ThreeStripesInternational Hard Survival Trip: Discord.gg/ZR4gGg4W” to “A ThreeStripesInternational Hard Survival Trip [NoRules] Discord.gg/ZR4gGg4W”.