Minecraft - Enigmatica 6 - Disk quota exeeded

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  • The server tries to create and save a world backup every 2 hour into the minecraftftb/backups folder regardless if disk space is available or not. As soon as the sceduled server restart is due, it seems like for whatever reason the server then tries to load the latest backup and therefore goes into an endless crashing loop due to the backup being incomplete.

    I've worked around the issue by manualy deleting older backups daily to free up disk space, but in case i somehow forget to do so for a day the map and therefore most progress would be lost due to "corrupt backups" beeing created on the 2 hour interval.

    So here is finaly my question:

    Is it possible to manualy limit the amount of backups that can exist in the "minecraftftb/backups" folder at any time ? Or even better automaticly free up disk space by deleting the oldest backups once the "disk quota exeeded" error pops up ?

    Thanks and best regards,