Items and Dinos Glitching on Fjordur

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  • This is the fifth time this is happened to me. I have had my inventory poof out of existence on this map. I had random tames I died near have poofed, only to be found clear on the other side of the map or not at all.

    This time, I was killed by an Alpha, my bag is completely gone. No beam, nothing. (It was in a narrow trench). I flew around looking, its nowhere, the bag is nowhere. This is beyond frustrating as I was carrying several cryopods and darts on me, and I can't roll back the server as it wouldn't be fair to anyone else playing. My server has about 2 and a half hours before bodies despawn.

    What are some possible solutions?

  • I have resolved that issue; it was hawks and most of those glitches were resolved for me. They mostly reappear in the same locations around the redwoods.

    However - does anyone know where dinos reappear if they glitch off of Asgard? I had several dinos poof on follow or when they move to attack in the NW corner of the map. I'd like to retreive them.