ARK server was fine 2 days ago, Now it´s gone???

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  • Hey Nitrado

    Now I will try here. (Already wrote 2 tickets, but no action)

    My ARK server is down. It worked fine in 2 days, before it suddenly was gone yesterday and noone can find it.

    I tryed everything, but nothing work. On the web site the server is running, but I can´t connect to it. I tryed all the things from the Nitrado guide, but still, nothing is happening.

    Can you plz help me fix it?

  • Ponyridderen

    Changed the title of the thread from “ARK server was fine 2 days ago, No it´s gone???” to “ARK server was fine 2 days ago, Now it´s gone???”.
  • Hello,

    (1) Do not submit more than 1 ticket. Multiple tickets not only add more time for a resolution to yourself and others, it also pushes your tickets further down.

    As for the issue- this has been an ongoing issue. Mostly due to mods. They are out of date and until the creators update them they are best effort.

    You can check though and try things to help. Check your logs. If you have a crashstack, you will need to do a recovery backup.

    If you do not have a crashstack, you can try a recovery backup anyways if you wish. Or you may contact Nitrado Support to further investigate.

    Thank you