Need some help with coding DayZ

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  • So I was hoping to find some help in here for some coding I am trying to do for DayZ.
    I am no genius when it comes to coding. So I really need some advice with something.

    If I edit just the spawn rates of things examples will be given

    <type name="BakedBeansCan">








    <flags count_in_cargo="0" count_in_hoarder="0" count_in_map="1" count_in_player="0" crafted="0" deloot="0"/>

    <category name="food"/>

    <tag name="shelves"/>

    <usage name="Town"/>

    <usage name="Village"/>

    <value name="Tier1"/>

    <value name="Tier2"/>

    <value name="Tier3"/>

    If I change the nominal value and minimum of all food items, I know it can bog the server down because it is trying to constantly spawn stuff in where there are only a few spawns for these things...
    Example... Nominal goes to 30 from 15 and min goes to 20 from 12.

    But If I edit this

    <group name="Land_HouseBlock_1F3">

    <usage name="Town" />

    <container name="lootFloor" lootmax="3">

    <category name="tools" />

    <category name="containers" />

    <category name="clothes" />

    <tag name="floor" />

    <point pos="-4.313960 -4.791758 -3.249856" range="0.437256" height="1.092186" />

    <point pos="-2.487857 -4.791758 -3.206317" range="0.487549" height="1.215630" />

    <point pos="-1.102926 -4.791758 -0.723573" range="0.540039" height="1.350044" />


    <container name="lootshelves">

    <category name="tools" />

    <category name="containers" />

    <category name="clothes" />

    <category name="food" />

    <category name="books" />

    <tag name="shelves" />

    <point pos="-1.526900 -3.776176 -3.246270" range="0.168750" height="0.421875" />

    <point pos="-0.351796 -3.730850 -1.595852" range="0.203125" height="0.354622" />

    <point pos="-0.343495 -3.730850 -0.440330" range="0.203125" height="0.357098" />

    <point pos="-3.329117 -4.034189 -2.111068" range="0.271875" height="0.679688" />

    Where this shows there are only a maximum of a total of 3 points that can spawn loot but 7 different locations possible....
    Can I change the lootmax="3"> to let's say... lootmax="6">
    Will this help with how much spawns at once? So there are now more spawning and in more locations?

    Please any type of help with this would be appreciated. I am new to coding DayZ servers