Valguero Obelisks suddenly no longer accessible

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  • Hey guys, we opened our Valguero maps to our cluster on 8/3 after a two week internal beta test, and its been great! We have dedicated PvE and PvP Val maps in our cluster, and they were going super smooth up until Sunday afternoon.

    We have all 7 of our maps clustered together, but our PVE maps are restricted. Anything can be transferred into them, but only characters can be transferred out to avoid them being used as "storage banks" by our pvp members. In light of the new map, we disconnected both our Rag pve and Val pve maps from the rest of the cluster and created a new cluster id and joined those two together and opened full transfers for 12 hours on Sunday.

    For the first 3/4 of the day, it was great, minimal issues (tribe disconnects and character losses, but thats a side thing). Then suddenly in the afternoon, ALL of the obelisks on the Val pve map stopped working, and there is no longer an option to "Access Inventory". They are just blank terminals with no prompt. We verified that the obs on the val pvp map were fine, and everything on the rag pve were fine as well, but for some reason the obs no longer work on val pve. I've been doing a bunch of research, and i've seen other posts about it, but always questions, never answers.

    now with that said, im not sure if this is a nitrado related issue or a wildcard one, but i figured this was going to be the best place to start.

    i know one solution that would resolve it, (doing a full re-install of the game), but our players JUST transferred their stuff from rag to val with complications due to tribe retention issues, and have built up their structures and everything. To wipe the install file is a huge setback to everyone. If it truly comes down to it, then it is what it is, but I'm going to exhaust every other option before that.

    To conclude the troubleshooting, the terminals did not reappear after a restart, or after reconnecting the pve maps to the rest of the cluster again. not sure what else i can try at this point.

    Any insight is appreciated.

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