Xbox Renewal Error code 0x80131577

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  • Good Morning

    I have 3 days levt on my server. Over the weekend I been trying to extend the server for another month.

    But I am unable to as I am getting this error.

    Try That again

    Something happened on our end. Waiting a bit might help. The error code is 0x80131577, in case you need it.


    So what can I do at this point.

    1) How to I extend my server?

    2) What happens to my server if I can not extend it.

  • Hello SeaCamp,

    This issue is known and we've reached out to Microsoft to resolve this issue as the error code is a Microsoft error code, not Nitrado error code.

    1. You can try to open up the store on a Windows 10 PC and see if it works to extend it on there, this will help us identify if the issue is Xbox specific.

    2. If it's not extended it will be put in a 7 day standby period to give you time to extend the server.

  • Thank you for the update Ashleigh.Laywood

    New question

    What if it does not get revolved with-in the 7 day period.

    (I do not want to lose my server due to a Microsoft issue)

    I will try to extend it through Windows 10 PC and will update this if I can or can't do it there.

    (First I will have to find out where I can find it on there

  • No problem.

    If it doesn't get done and it's close to the end of the 7 day period, please give us a call if possible and one of our guys will extend the standby time for you. But we don't expect the error to take that long to resolve.

    In regards to how to do it on a windows 10 PC, click your Magnifying glass icon next to your Windows button at the bottom left of your task bar, search "Microsoft Store" and log in to the same Microsoft account in there as you are on your Xbox and then download the Nitrado app through there on the PC and log in as usual and try to extend.