ARK server, can't breed Wyvern because of a mod

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  • So, I got an ARK server with a variant of Classic Flyers mod, which is "Dino Colors Plus - Unnerfed Flyers Edition", that makes all dinos spawn in a older way, which means I can't breed Wyverns, because they spawn on old variants, however, I can't remove that mod, because doing so, (I think, correct me if I'm wrong) will remove all tamed flyers.
    I tried adding this on Custom Game ini Settings, but didn't work

    [Dino Colors Plus - Unnerfed Flyers Edition]

    is there a solution to make those Wyverns breedable being classic variants ?
    or, a config to the mod to make at least updated Wyverns/Eggs to spawn
    maybe I writed the line wrongly, I don't know

  • That is a question you should ask the workshop from the creator if you can remove the mod. That is a color only mod from my understanding and so if you remove it just the colors go. And no need to use classic fliers mod as you can enable speed upgrading now in ARK.

    The other news is, the Dev Kit has to come out for all the modders to update their mods. Until then, all of them are a risk.