Artifacts spawning issue Fjordur

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  • So far the artifact of the massive and the devour have not spawned, spawned in the wall or spawned under the map. I know there are admin commands to spawn artifacts in the inventory but I simply want to spawn the artifact container so they can get artifacts. I know its possible, I somehow did it the the artifact of the immune and spawned like 30 crates.

    So if anyone knows how to fix the spawning issue and yes we have waiting 20-30 minutes near where it should spawn and nothing happened.

    Or could someone please tell me the command to spawn artifact containers.


  • Hi. I have a similar problem, and maybe the cause for the problem. Sadly I don't have the solution, but hopefully someone else might be able to work one out based on this info:

    The artifacts seems to spawn slightly offset from where they are supposed to. If I use the "cheat ghost" command I can look outside the room, and voila, loads of artifacts (see images in link).

    So, how can this be fixed?