Valguero transfers

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  • I have enabled cross ark in and out of my valguero rag ab cluster but i have cryopoded a chalk golem took it to rag and cannot deploy it ive brought it back to valguero and still it wont deploy!Do i need to enable something on rag for it to work.I play on ps4

  • We had a similar issue on our cluster as well when one of our players tried to bring a golem back to rag in a cryo, and couldnt deploy it. As far as im aware though when it was brought back to Val it deployed fine. As a troubleshooting step you can try to restart the server to see if it corrects it (kind of like the "empty" ice wyvern egg packages when they turn into actual eggs in your inventory after a restart). You could also try to upload the golem/a golem into the obelisk as an actual dino and try and download it on rag to see if that makes a difference. I know wildcard is working on quite a few valguero fixes for console, so maybe, hopefully that will be one of them

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