Unlock all Engrams and up character level Help!

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  • Hey, so not great technical person and I had a friend do some of the commands on here and now he is AFK and I want to make a slight change.

    1. Open all engrams... If I use expert mode, do I lose all my saved settings already here?
    2. Characters are 105 max and wont go higher, HOW do I fix that?

    If here are some simple and easy way, please share


  • If you switch to expert mode it should carry over all of your current setting to the best of my knowledge. once in expert mode just add bAutoUnlockEngrams=True

    That will unlock every engram.

    There is a way I just forget how. I believe it is an admin command in game to force ascension

  • If you use the WebUI and decide to use Expert, you will lose some settings and will need to manually put all of them back in that were lost.

    Also you can not go back and forth between Expert and the WebUI. Have to pick one and stick with it.

    Here is more info:

    PC Server owners not wanting to use Expert Settings

    This thread and info is the same for console except the part about FTP access. That does not exist with consoles.

  • Hello

    Do add these codes you don't have to be in expert mode. You can go to the server settings and you will see engine settings. If you scroll to the very bottom of that page you will see custom game ini settings. This is where you can add the code without having to go into expert mode.

    Also you to go above 105 you can admin yourself the acension levels along with the dossier levels