Grids Randomly Unassigning

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  • So ever since the May 18th patch, multiple server owners are experiencing random server stops and then all grids are unassigning. Again, this is happening to MULTIPLE servers, so it isn't a simple JSON config issue.

    These servers are hosting over 20 servers each and Nitrado can't figure out a fix after THREE weeks.... I mean, would this level of service be tolerated literally in any other situation?

  • Hello,

    What game are you referring? I am guessing either Oasis or Atlas. Would like to move this post to the correct category.

    Also have you reached out to Nitrado Support to further discuss? If not, please do so.

  • I can't speak for official Nitrado since no official support is not here. (this is a community support forum for gamers and admins to suggest/help each other).

    But since the update, I am aware of several other servers reporting the same thing as you are, and are not Nitrado customers. The fix they did and has resolved their 14x14 and 7x7 grids is they did the server update, check all custom code is correct (cause new changes have affected some things), and those grids ended up wiping: result- no server resets, or loss of grids. Only bug I am aware of still is when folks travel grid to grid with either galleons or Brigs, may actually crash the grid. Then the server needs to be reset.