Adding Abberrant versions of normal dinos on ragnarok

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  • Hey guys, I'm working on adding the Aberration dinos to Ragnarok because our PVE server is locked to dino and item transfers so the people on our PVP servers cant use it as a "raid-free-storage-bank." So, I'm having the dinos from Ab spawn naturally on the map so our PVE'rs have a chance to get the Ab dinos too. The Ab specific dinos are pretty straightforward, pick a container, enter the weight, character string and spawn percentage, done. (Although im still not 100% sure about the values of the weight and spawn percentage but thats probably for a different post).

    So here is my bigger question...I'm going to have the Aberrant versions of the dinos spawn in the same containers as their normal counterparts, but I'm not sure what to have the spawn weight set as so they dont overtake the containers. I want them to spawn more than tek dinos, but less than the originals.

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  • Spawn weight is essentially spawn priority. The higher the weight, the more priority that type has when something needs to be spawned in the region. Percentage sets the maximum number of that type that will spawn based on the total spawns in that region. If you want to get an idea of the percentage values, use the following spawn map:

    The top percentage you see is the overall chance to spawn, which I take to be representative of spawn weight.

    I hope this helps.