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  • I just did the same thing. I did a support ticket asking if I could just have what I purchased transferred to Xbox One or at least a refund where I can get an Xbox One Server.

    I found out for Xbox One you need to get the nitrado app from Xbox One store (it's free) and purchase a server through that app.

    (I wish it stated that on the website when you buy a server, if it does, I didn't see it)

    If I get the resolved somehow I'll post again so you can have some closure to this issue or hopefully at least some help for others that have the same problem.

  • if you submitted a ticket and explained to them the issue you will get a refund. It make take a couple of weeks but I promise you the refund will come. I did the exact same thing as well.

    They cant transfer the amount because the purchase has to be through Microsoft via the app on the xbox one.

    You can either wait for the refund or just purchase a new server via the xbox one app.

    Make sure if you want to add time and or boost the server you do it through the app on the xbox one.

    Goodluck and if you need anything please reach out to me !!!

    If you're only xboxone only use the phone app or PC interface to change the server settings.