game.ini vs. gameusersettings.ini - how to update properly?

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  • So there are several things we want to update in our [ServerSettings] that are NOT on the control panel. How can we do that without having to re-enter gameusersettings.ini file every time the server updates?

    It is my understanding, the only file that doesn't get overwritten is the game.ini file. Can someone explain this to me a bit, and also if there is a way to configure some of the [ServerSettings] inside the game.ini file instead (for obvious reasons).

    The main one we want to update right now is to allow lions to grab on the 4 PVE grids we have, which is done via the AllowFlyerCarryPvE=True tag apparently.

  • you dont need to re-enter the gus.ini when server resets. To make changes in that file, you need to shutdown the server.

    Make your edits. Then restart.


    AllowFlyerCarryPvE=True under [ServerSettings] to the server's GameUserSettings.ini, this will allow a lion to grab an animal. On official PVE server, the AllowFlyerCarryPvE seems to have false as value because lion right click doesn't grab an animal but make damage like the left click.

    This is from the Atlas Wiki. And it works. It is what we use.

  • but if we have 3x3 cluster where 5 grids are PVP, and 4 grids (servers) are PVE, don't we need to make the change for each server that needs that setting enabled?

    As far as I know, you have to. Same if you have different settings in your game.ini, other than those from the General control panel.

    For example, at least with my game.ini, I have most of the dangerous animals turned off on the home server, and SotD turned off on 3 servers, but left on another server.

    The hard part is when you change settings via the control panel and also change settings directly in the .ini files. I usually do the control panel first, restart all of the serves, then, once they have restarted successfully, I stop them, update the .ini files, and then restart them all again. And then make backup copies, because sometimes, the settings get partially wiped.