Character save data lost

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  • So this has happened to me several times and it happened to a friend last night on our dedicated nitrado xbox server: if you log off on Ragnarok, the next time you log into the server you are prompted to create a new character. This happens every time. The previous character is there but for some reason it seems that the server doesnt associate your xbox account with the character. I can fix this with admin commands but right now I have an entire server that no one can set up a base on. Is there a server setting that is causing this? I have two other servers clustered to this one and there are no problems on those, only the ragnarok one.

  • I've tried it before with no success. Do you mean a complete server wipe?

    Also, I tried it with a different account and I was able to log out and back in no problem. It just seems to be one particular xbox account

  • The more than likely his profile account got corrupted. It happens. The only way to fix a corrupted account it deleting it. However that is done via FTP which is only available on PC servers.

    I would not do a server restore if it only affects one person. On PC side we have then try validating their files, and reinstalling ARK.

    For Xbox I think the only thing you can do is delete their account as admin, but that still doesnt fully wipe it. Could try a recovery from last save in your save files.

  • This has been happening a lot to players on our cluster as well ever since a couple of updates ago (its always been an issue, but has only recently gotten really bad). I did a bunch of testing and was able to recreate it within 5 minutes every time over the course of an hour. Here's what I've found for your reference:

    1. The issue appears to be that the game is losing the connection between your PSN, XBOX, or Steam IDs and your actual character. So even though its still there, the game doesnt recognize it and thinks you need to create a new character.

    1.a. When you lose the connection between the two, it seems the character is "lost" in the cloud somewhere and the game doesnt know where it is and thinks its on a different server. Even though it may be right in front of you if you manage to make a new character and get back to your base.

    2. This issue takes 2 forms.

    2.a. The first, is that after transferring from one map to another and then again after that and then log off, it will consistently lose the connection. So consistently that it can be reproduced in 7 minutes or less (depending on your distance from an obelisk when you spawn and the run time to get there)

    2.b. The second is when transferring, the disconnect happens mid transfer. This one I couldnt reproduce as consistently, and I've had mixed results with it. Sometimes the character will still be in the download window, sometimes it wont. If its not in the downloads, theres unfortunately no way to get it back :(

    3. There seems to be a "workaround" that we recommend to our players that seems to prevent scenario 2.a. Its a pain, but its better than losing your character.

    3.a Since the issue is with a "lagged" connection between the server and your character data, if your character dies in-between transfers, it forces a "sync" to that server, which forces that connection. Once thats established, it should be safe to transfer. Obviously not guaranteed, but it seems to be helping on our servers.

    4. For the issue where the character is lost on upload, I unfortunately have not found a way around that one. Like i said above, sometimes its in the downloads still when you log back in, other times its not. If its not, it is what it is.

    5. As a precaution, there's a couple options:

    5a. you can manually upload the dinos/items to the obelisks/drops so they are separate from your character, so that if you lose your character at least you still have your stuff, or you can kill your character right before transferring and then transfer to try and sync that fresh connection as i mentioned above.

    All of the above is a pain, and I tried to reproduce it on an official server but I couldnt make it to the obelisk without being killed, so I'm not sure if its official servers as well as unofficial or not. Hopefully this helps, and hopefully Wildcard is working on something for it...

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