SE Server with mods - how much RAM is assigned etc?

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  • How much RAM is available on an SE server and how is it assigned/extended?

    What does adding more player slots grant (besides the obvious)? More RAM? Better virtual hardware resources?

    I notice options to upgrade the server hardware are only available if I choose 'choose game later'. What do the hardware upgrades provide and are they relevant when later SE is installed?

    My concern is we want to run an PvE SE server with quite a lot of mods including likely water, AI enabled, EEM, Faction wars, weaponcore as well as a lot of block mods and I know that it will likely quickly eat up a lot of memory. Previous experience with 10 slot here (a few years ago) even with just a few mods had us grinding to a halt with really poor UPS after only a few days and us giving up. With the mods I am looking at using, even after just a day it eating up over 12GB in single player (OK - alot of that is client too, but still its a concern).

    Thanks for any responses.

  • Hello,

    This is a specific question that you may want to contact Support directly about.

    Here is the general response:

    Server hardware upgrades are available for Minecraft.

    The servers have auto detect software to monitor the resources. In an event more resources are needed withing game specs (not mods) it will reassign its resources.

    Generally speaking increasing the slots can increase RAM if the server detects it is needed. A server will not allocate more than what the game recommends to support mods.

  • OK thanks for your response.

    It would really help if there was some specific information about how much RAM could be allocated. It is pretty pointless rounding up a bunch of players, getting them to play and then 3 days later it becomes unplayable and everyone has to give up. It sounds like the party line here is you do not support mods. You enable them, but make zero provision for their use nor provide any mechanism whatsoever that could allow the purchase of the extra resources to account for their use. I appreciate you may be trying to keep thign simple for casual players/server admins, but some here can put significant effort into working out what mods and testing them, what resource needs may be, rounding up players and building an experience for them etc.

    I am quite happy to pay for 2x or 4x or whatever extra slot just to get the additional extra resources to account for the extra hardware resource use, but how can we when there appears to be no concrete statement of what the extra resources may be.

    Even with the minecraft there seems to be no statement as to what you are actually paying for with upgrades. At least with another host when you pay you know exactly what you are getting and when you upgrade, you are paying specifically for memory, disc space, faster CPU on host etc. In comparison here it all seems very nebulous. I have mostly used nitrado in the past, but to be honest my experiences have not exactly been sufficiently positive to recommend you and this is only made worse when what you are paying for seems to be a secret. My best recommendation tends to be when (not if) you suffer problems, support are generally very helpful. But I also believe then when you need to contact support - something has already failed. The best suport is the one you never have to contact because the service works without problems.

    Yes - I know you have made efforts to improve a running game (by adding more resource etc and for free), but quite honestly I would prefer to just pay for what we know we need and not have to put in tickets and be at the whim of a support engineer as to whether they decide to upgrade us or not.

    I am thankful for past efforts in this respect (its the reason I continue to use you), but realistically, I would prefer to just specify what we need and pay and not have to deal with anyone and wait for responses, and be at the mercy of hoping someone can do something. Free upgrades are nice, but they are not predictable which case waste everyone involves time when we have to give up and look elsewhere when for whatever reasons such upgrades cannot be forthcoming.