ARMA REFORGER: Custom Scenario not working!

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  • How can I fix this error?

    01:56:45:118 GetResourceObject @"{2B5389075F3947BA}Missions/TDM_Durras.conf"

    01:56:45:118 RESOURCES (E): Failed to open

    01:56:45:118 RESOURCES (E): MissionHeader::ReadMissionHeader cannot load the resource 'Missions/TDM_Durras.conf'!

    01:56:45:118 ENGINE (E): Unable to read the mission header '{2B5389075F3947BA}Missions/TDM_Durras.conf'

    01:56:45:218 ENGINE (E): Unable to initialize the game

    01:56:45:228 ENGINE : Game destroyed.