Server refuses to render world with Biomes O Plenty

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  • Hey guys, Ill get straight to the point:

    Installed a different forge version through FTP, which worked fine. In total theres about 30-40 mods (dont remember exactly)

    So heres the schtick - server wont render the world with the Biomes o plenty mod no matter what I try. I tried changing the generator setting in the general tab, i tried changing level type in the config file - nothing. It doesnt even try. Always vanilla

    I tried to launch the game with all mods active including biomes o plenty during the day in a singleplayer world which worked beautifully so its not a mod incompatibility thing

    Now I try to do this in the server and it just doesnt work. Wasted about 2 hours re rendering worlds with different approaches and still nothing....

    Maybe someone is willing to help me with this situation. I paid for the ultimate server package and it just seems like a waste at this point....