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  • Need detailed instructions to install MODS onto NITRADO DAYZ STANDALONE server. What are the steps to install mods with the folder structure that is listed on the the server. For example type.xml, keys, addons, and where exactly should the MOD @XXXXXXX be placed on the server. When its says ROOT location where is it on the server? Also adding the @xxxxxxxx;@yyyyyyyyy to the startup commands on there GUI interface provide to us from Nitrado website. Instead of making a suggestion, prove that you can actually install a MOD to one of your servers and it works. I have attached to folder structure of DAYZ STANDALONE in order to understand where are certain files or folders needed to be placed.

  • First , This is my server

    I have added mods and they do work, not sure if it's they exact way its supposed to be done, because there is no info on this site from Nitrado whatsoever. Threre are only link leading on how to do it for pc servers, which will not work the same as the Nitrado server. But this is what I did.

    I added the @ Folders to the Main folder( the folder that you are showing in your post.) You go in to the @folder(ex. @CF) and open the addons folder

    and copy the files inside

    These go back to the root folder and get pasted into the addons folder

    This is where I added the start up commands

    This is all that is needed on the server side as far as I know. The thing for me is that it wont work unless you copy the addons to the dayZ addons folder in your steam folder. Which seems weird to me. steamapps/common/DayZ/addons. I hope this helps you. This is how I got i working for me. Just for testing, you should start with just 1 mod. I used unlimited stamina, because it would be the easiest to test out, being that you can see it works right off starting the game. Hope this helps you. I'm gonna keep testing to see if I can get it to run without having to add the files to the steam folder. I will let you know.

  • You just have to write in Additional mods @mod1;@mod2;@mods3;@mods4
    (take care to write the exact folder mod name, btw you can rename every mod folder)

    Go to <Keys> in the mod folder. Then copy the .bikey file to the <keys> folder in dayzstandalone.

    Sometimes, mods have config files, you can found them in the <config> folder in dayzstandalone.
    Otherwise, you have to edit .xml files to add new stuff or loot.

  • Hey man, so Im having trouble adding these mods, the way you did, i must be missing a step. I cant seem to figure out how to add the addons folder into the CF directory.
    I created a new directory for @UnlimitedStamina, not sure how to get the addons and key folders into the right place, any way you can help explain?

  • Hey man, so Im having trouble adding these mods, the way you did, i must be missing a step. I cant seem to figure out how to add the addons folder into the CF directory.
    I created a new directory for @UnlimitedStamina, not sure how to get the addons and key folders into the right place, any way you can help explain?

    So i figured out, unlimited stamina and its working fine, any reason why some other mods wont detect? even after doing it the exact same way as the Unlimited stamina, its not detecting buildanywhere mod

  • Yes it seems to be working after using that method, i mustve missed copying the keys todayzstandalone.

    although, im encountering an issue with the trader mod. i keep having the error of Trader Data Missing From Server.

    the server and everything loads up fine with the mods installed, im just facing that one issue. are you able to help with this?

  • TRADER : You have to check if you have the right folder to Traders data /dayzstandalone/config/Trader

    There, you need 4 files :



    Trader mod is reading these files. You can modifiy or create Traders, stuffs, category, prices in TraderConfig.txt. Then TraderObject.txt allow you to dispose them everywhere you want with the right coordinates. Follow instructions in files and tell me if its fine !

  • You are the man dude, thanks so much. it works, just have to edit the trader to add the weapon packs, clothing/gear, base furniture items, code lock etc.

    So just take the ID's from the txt files in the mod pack, copy and paste accordingly in the trader txt files, with a buy and sell value, then just copy those to the dayzstandalone config>trader folder? (im assuimg i have to remove the old txt document and upload the new one with added items to the trader) correct?

  • When this is all I do I get this error.

    Do you know how to get around it?

  • gsoliz @ Don't forget to copy the .bikey in the <keys> mod folder in the <keys> folder in dayzstandalone

    Marshall92 @ Exactly, just edit traders files. You can modify numbers, stuff, category of Traders. Just add loot in TraderConfig.txt like that :
    <Trader> Trader1
    <Category> Random Category
    object1, *, 100, 0
    object2, *, 150, 0
    object3, *, 170, 0

    <Trader> Trader2
    <Category> Random Category
    object4, *, 100, 0
    object5, *, 150, 0
    object6, *, 170, 0

    The order of Traders is used by TraderObject.txt
    <TraderMarker> 0 is Trader1
    <TraderMarker> 1 is Trader2

    TraderObject.txt is where you edit position and PNJs (how they look).

  • Thanks bro, you've been a huge help. I figured out the trader ID's before i had read your response, I should replied and said I figured it out, my bad.

    Just having trouble installing the Zomberry Admin tools, did you have any luck installing ZomBerry? its bc when i copy the addons files from the mod pack into my dayz client addons folder, its making me create a copy of the bpo file, because the addon bpo file from the CF mod pack is also named "scripts", causing the zomberry files to change to "Scripts (2)" causing the client to not be able to detect the files properly and i cant load into the game, any suggestions?

  • Don’t copy the addon folder, just copy the whole @ZomBerry Admin Tool folder to servers root, delete the blanks in name (blanks can cause issues not loading mods correctly for some hosters) , copy key to keys folder.

    Inside ZomBerryAdminTools folder go to Config folder and edit admins.cfg file: delete SteamID64 inside (it’s the authors ID) and put in your SteamID64, save file.

    Rename Config folder to ZomBerry (case sensitive!) and put renamed folder in config folder on server.

    Add @CF Mod and @ZomBerryAdminTools at the beginning in additional modifications in webinterface as following example:


    (if you load more mods just add them after last mod by inserting ;@ANOTHERMod1;@ANOTHERMod2;.............)

    Save and restart server to activate.

    please take a look to my tutorial (sorry, german language but maybe google can translate)

    [TUTORIAL] ZomBerry Admin Tools Installation NITRADO

    we can share screen in Discord to assist you doing these steps if you like, just send me a pm