Ark Xbox Server - Hiwarp/Hibernation Report Commands Not Working

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  • Hello,

    For the past few days, I have been attempting to test the "hiwarp" and "hibernation report" commands on my Nitrado Xbox server. I have admin access on the server. I have entered the code with both the cheat and without the cheat portion. However, nothing occurs when I go to activate the command. These commands work in single-player on any map, and the same map as my server is on. I contacted Nitrado support and was told this is "out of our support level" and was referred to community options.

    I have searched online through various resources and have yet to find any incidents specific to Nitrado or any server providers for this matter. Here is one example I have typed into the command line: cheat hiwarp "Gigant_Character_BP_C" 1 as well as: hiwarp "Gigant_Character_BP_C" 1

    Any ideas as to what is happening here? I have tried different creatures with no luck in getting it to work. I made sure spelling is correct, changed the number, etc.

  • Drakexz

    Added the Label XBox / Windows 10