Need Assistance with ARK server

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  • So here is the quick version. Created a new server for me and a few friends to play in and experience ark without random player involvement.

    I got the server a few days back, was able to get it up and running without any "major" issue other than I had the wrong server plan initially so I had to upgrade it. We started playing the server ran good to excellent realistically and we spent close to three hours. On finishing that night, I noticed I had upped the harvesting a little too much and tuned it back, with that in mind since we were all offline I restarted and went to bed.

    Next day I find the server is running but can't connect, I asked Nitrado support they pointed out there was a crash log and to restore. I did, server continue to crash I removed a few mods, kept trying and even a clean state of the game would create a crash log. I rebuilt the ark server since it was only a few hours of progress lost and again we played perfectly fine. Logged off last night and the server rebooted this morning. Once more server it running, ark server is not reachable and there is the same crash log.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Below is the crash log.

  • Do you have a crashstack error as well? If so, the game is corrupted. Will have to rollback save by save to test and see if it comes up. If it is not a crashstack, please contact Nitrado Support to further investigate.