Having trouble with tamed dino xp

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  • Hello, i have recently been setting up a rented ark server for friends and myself included. This is my first time doing so but I believe that i have everything fairly close to where we want. The one thing that i am having trouble with is tamed dino xp. I have the max wild dino level increased to 300 and have the xp multiplier set to 3x. All of our players seem to gain xp normally the only issue is with our tamed dinos. They dont seem to be receiving passive xp or any other xp very quickly like the players do and its quite difficult to level them up because they dont receive very many stat point levels. Is there some other setting that needs to be changed to correct the xp gain for the dinos? Or is there code that i need to add or alter since we have the max wild dino level at 300? Any help or input would be greatly appreciated


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