Mods 7D2D

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  • Is there a way to mod my server? Me and my friend have tried to mod the server, but it won't work

    And yes i have created a (Mods) folder

    Still won't work on the server

    It works fine on single player

  • Hi, I have recently gotten back into 7dtd, and i have been looking for several days trying to mod my own server too. I tried directly moving my mod folders into the server through the nitrado file browser, but the server never showed up, even though it claimed it was "up and running".

    I modded my own server quite a while ago by using a youtube video as a guide. When i looked for it, i found out the creator deleted it for some reason.

    I spent hours looking through so many other videos, reddit posts, and forum posts but no luck. Its like nobody used mods on their 7dtd nitrado servers.

    I then found one post that suggested using Filezilla to transfer the mods to your server. I decided to give it a try and it worked perfectly, but i still cant make the random world generation work. Navezgane and Pregen maps work great though.

    I have attached a photo showing the step process in which i took. I used the Age Of Oblivion mod for my server, which adds like 20 or so small mods.

    Update me if you can get your server to run, and if you get RWG (Random world generation) to work! Good luck!

    (Message me if link stops working)



    Closed the thread.