ARK Server Items Upload at OB

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  • Hey guys

    Apologies for the back story..

    I have a local server and my son and I had made quite a lot of progress, however the server H/Ware was old, and the machine just simply stopped performing and got 'crunchier' and slower..

    I purchased a nitrado server and started again, more or less solo, as my son is at Uni.. i really struggled to get the dinos i needed, as all i wanted to really do was fast forward to end game which is where we were at..

    I was getting frustrated but then had a genius idea.. hey i will just enable upload of chars and items on the local server and xfer my sons char as hes going to play again, along with some choice breeding pairs and items..

    Well the char upload worked along with the dino he was riding as we imported that, but none of the items or cryo'd dinos. im positive i did it right.

    Ive since (too late maybe) read some worrying threads talking about it only works on official or maybe clusters...

    Any thoughts, or is there a particular thing i should have done ? or have i lost everything ?


    Closed the thread.