RCON Query

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  • Done a considerable amount of research into trying to get any RCON tool to function with the server I have guest access rights too, I'm not the owner but I have all the details granted from the owner as the owner works and I am a back up administrator.
    I've followed the Wiki in depth and for some reason can't submit a ticket to help (it errors out), was just wondering if I'm doing anything incorrectly.

    RCON port is correct and the password is the admin password.
    IP is taken straight from the servers homepage, I've tried with and without the port ending.

    I need to find external access from the game as I work too but have the ability to manage from work.

  • sadly ARKON is 'best effort' if it will work.

    I used to use ARKON with Nitrado and other game server hosting companies. RCON is always best effort. The only support is to make sure you have all the info setup correctly as per ARKON. If it works, it works, if not, it wont.

    You do need to place the port and such. Just note guess access has nothing to do with this. If the server owner gave to the RCON pass, that is all you need to have full access.

    Not sure what you are trying to gain with ARKON access, but the webUI guess access covers nearly all the access you need, and also BattleMetrics has tools, and more reliable. I moved from ARKON to Battlemetrics.


    Closed the thread.