How to increase allowed player count?

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  • Game.ini file is supposed to be localed at /satisfactoryexperimental/FactoryGame/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/ but directory /satisfactoryexperimental/FactoryGame/Saved/Config does not exists.

    Does anyone know how to increase the allowed player count above 4 players to the 10 that I paid for?

  • It means you do not have access to that directory.

    Are you 100% sure you purchased a 10 slot server? I just tested the site and 10 slot server worked fine. Perhaps you thought it was 10, and it ended up being 4? I asked because if you picked a specific slot count server that is what it would be, and you can not change it unless you go into the down arrow of your server and upgrade it to a higher slot.

    I'd recommend contacting Nitrado Support to further investigate. Thank you

    Also say you did change the slots you get the following error message-


    The game Satisfactory (Experimental) need at least 10 slots to start. You choose the downgrade to 4 slots, which makes running the game impossible. Consider changing the slots at least to 10."

  • See attachements!

    Changing the number of slots, which in this case would be down. would charge me for another 30 days... which if I can't get the server to accept the 10 slots I'm paying for now, I really don't want to extent this subscription. I'm at the point where I'm about ask for a refund cause I'm not getting what I paid for. I opened a ticket at the beginning of the week and have yet to have a response on it.

  • The issue of not being able to let 10 people play in your game is not with Nitrado but on the Satisfactory end. Satisfactory doesn't allow you to play more than 4 people in 1 game due to the unstable character of game (still in beta). If you want to play with more than 4 people in your game you need to change the settings of your Satisfactory game on your pc. There are a few tutorials on the internet about how to set your game but it isn't stable to do so.


    Closed the thread.