Server location won't change

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  • I recently moved across the country away from the west coast so I've been trying to change my server location to one of the east coast locations like New York or Miami through the website. It seems to accept the change when I do try however after refreshing the web UI it reverts back and I also noticed the IP address isn't changing.

    I have fully shut down the server first before attempting to edit the server location of course. Anyone encountered this problem with being unable to edit your servers location?

  • The server move is not instant. Once the new location is selected, another page is displayed where you confirm the change.

    I just did a test and it worked.

    If you continue to have issues please reach out to Nitrado Support. Thank you

    Can you confirm after leaving the page that the change didn't revert (it does everytime in my case) and / or checking the server IP address to see if it has changed? My IP address won't change even after rebooting.

    Just curious if it is just an issue on my end or if it is affecting anyone else by chance. I've used two different browsers just in case to be thorough. I'll be making a ticket with support just wanted to include the information here and let them know it doesn't seem to be an isolated issue with only my server.


  • I was able to fully move a couple of servers, and they have not moved back.

    It could also be you are selecting a location where no servers are available atm. We have not way to check that here. You have to contact Support to ask.

    I tried ARK to LA, NY, and Miami. All worked. Note: I am PC server, not mobile.


    Closed the thread.