High Ping on Blackwood Map

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  • While playing today a had a high ping jump with alot of lag on my Atlas Blackwood map server. I don't have the same lag and high pings on my cluster server. Is anyone else experiencing this or have any ideas on how to remedy it?


  • I tried logging into on another xbox with a different profile and didn't have the lag. I also tried logging into a different profile on the same xbox that had the lag and didn't have any lag or high pings either. I even tried to clear my local cache and had the same issues of lag and high ping with the first profile as well. Really weird issue I'm facing here.

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  • Hello, I need advice. I have a high ping on my server. When I log in to the game, I get a high ping 255 and after a while the server crashes and restarts. due to the high ping you can't stimulate anything otherwise I wasted money unnecessarily. Thank you, Zergos

  • If you haven't already, submit a support ticket so they can look at things from their side. I've had some similar issues in the past and they migrated my service to a different set of hardware or were able to make changes on their end that fixed the problem.

    ATLAS can be a finicky bugger sometimes. Hope you get it resolved!