Asteroids not Spawning in

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  • I am Completely lost on how to load a game in on my server with asteroids, as well as how to Change The density of the asteroids to make it very Dense. But the main problem is not being able to Spawn them in

  • As far as i understand, Asteroids are spawned at the time the map is generated, so once the map has been created there's no way to add them.

    In order to add them, you'll need to create a new world (change the world name to create a new world), provided you have a scenario that supports them such as Star System.

    You can set the density of the Asteroids using the "Procedural Density" setting. By default it will be 0.0. Setting it to 5.0+ will give you pretty dense asteroids, higher values will increase the amount (server performance may vary).

    Hopefully this helps.

  • You can also add asteroids to your map later.

    1. Shut down the server

    2. Edit the two files

    - Sandbox.sbc

    - Sandbox_config.sbc

    3.Find the following item from each file;

    <SpawnShipTimeMultiplier> 0 </ SpawnShipTimeMultiplier>

    <DestructibleBlocks> true </ DestructibleBlocks>

    4. Change it to;

    <SpawnShipTimeMultiplier> 0 </ SpawnShipTimeMultiplier>

    <ProceduralDensity> 0.5 </ ProceduralDensity>

    <ProceduralSeed> 1234567890 </ ProceduralSeed>

    <DestructibleBlocks> true </ DestructibleBlocks>

    Use your own density value, i have 0.5

    as well as the seed value i have is that 1234567890

    !!!!! Note. The data lines begin with 4 spaces !!!!!

    5.Save changes

    6.Start the server

    And enjoy the game :)

    sry, i use google translator, but I hope you understand :)

  • Edit: don't just copy and paste the code above, within the lines it had spaces. we deleted those spaces and it worked fine, can confirm that asteroids spawned and it worked! :)

  • Tomic

    I myself am a newbie to the game and the sever rental and was wondering how to find this files i have gotten as far as the file browser and find like 29 different sandbox.sbc files. just confused on where to look.


    Closed the thread.