Server restart (gen 2) causing problems

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  • We’ve noticed a consistent issue with players being kicked out of their tribe after a daily restart on genesis 2. Besides the long restart (usually around 45min/1,5h) when players come back they find themselves kicked out of their tribes. We also have reports of players losing their characters (original characters lying in bed but players can’t access their character anymore).

    Mainly just putting this information out there to see if others have the same issue, wether this issue is known and if it’s a wildcard problem or something nitrado can take a look upon.

  • Sounds like a corrupted gamefile. Check the logs for a crashstack error. If so, then the chances are high it is. The only way to fix one of those is restoring backups and hope that file is not corrupted. No way of knowing until you do that and test. Feel free to contact Support if you would like their assistance.