Data Verification Error DeerIsle

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  • Hello

    I loaded up DeerIsle and I keep getting the same error when trying to connect. I have googled this error and tried Verifying Dayz Client files, deleting then reloading mod (deer isle) onto the server. It's a Takistan_objects.pbo file. I verified it both on the client and server same version. I made sure to restart steam client. Deleted and unloaded Deer island twice same thing. I know this is a common error but i can't seem to figure it out.

    The server isn't listed in DZSA as so many of these fix PBO on youtube are on using DZSA so far I've tried like 4-5 different ways always restarting the server and restarting steam after each reinstall or resub'd from the DZ workshop.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.



    Server version: 1.17.154732

    Required game version: 1.17.0

    Map: Deerisle

    Mission: DayZ

    Players: 0/10