Trial + Runtime questions

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  • Hello, is it possible to try before renting a server for DayZ (PS4)? I would like to know the system in which we do all the setup, see the available options and then evaluate if renting a server would be a good option

    Also, if I chose a 30-day runtime, for example, does that mean that this server and its game saves will only be available in that period? What I mean is the runtime indicates the lifetime of the games saved in it? If I choose to pay monthly, does that mean that every month the server is restarted? But what about his content? My concern is obviously not to lose the game in progress, all the progress of any of the players. How does it work?

    Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards,


  • Hello

    You are able to chose a 3 day option to test and try out the server. There isnt a free option to test the servers before hand.

    You are able to change many things on the server aside from adding mods which are not available on console servers.

    If you choose the month option and to pay monthly on the serber it does not restart or wipe at the end of the month and start fresh. It will continue to run with your settings and saves as long as you continue to pay for the server.

    If yoh stop paying it will stay suspended for about a month before deleting itself all together.


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